Google Indexing API - Service Key

The idea is:

Right now, there is no possibility (or I don’t know how) to use service key from Google Indexing API in HTTP request node. Adding Google Indexing API would be used to index webpages faster in Google.

Or how i can use service key (from credentials) in http node for this API?

My use case:

I’m using indexing api to index or deindex pages on my website which is quite big (100k+ pages). Adding new pages means that they will be indexed even after 1 month which is non acceptable. Using indexing API time to index is lower, even 2 days.
Doing it manually every day for a few keys is tiring.
(1 key has quota 100 urls per batch, 200 urls per day. I have multiple keys so job is very repeatable)

I think it would be beneficial to add this because:

People with sites that need to be always fresh will be pleased.

Any resources to support this?

Has anyone managed to make a workflow that uses Google indexing API as suggested here?

We’re just putting the finishing touches on a feature that allows you to use Google service account credentials in the HTTP node (manually specifying the scopes for the services you need). Hopefully this will unblock you.


I think so!
I posted my objective on a separate thread earlier today.