Google My Business Node Request

This would be incredibly helpful in doing the following… pulling in real reviews and creating posts on Wordpress noting the new reviews. It would also be incredibly helpful in looping into OpenAI and writing heartfelt responses to reviewer’s good and less than good reviews. Hoping we can get this soon!!!


I would love to see this integration. Right now, we have to use Zapier or Pabbly Connect.

We pull in Google Reviews, send a message to Slack, use OpenAI to generate a response to the review (posted to Slack), and add the reviews to an Airtable base (or G Sheets).

We also create a task in our project management software to create graphics and a video based on the review, which we then post to social media.

I use GMB/GBP often and I believe I can help define priorities for a node if n8n’s team is looking for directions.

In a nutshell, most GBP users are business owners and local SEO professionals whose goals are to generate more trafic to the website and more calls and visits to the business through search engine optimization. Some of n8n’s users are also focusing on SEO and more specifically programmatic SEO to scale their SEO operations. This is my case.

Within GBP, the conventional wisdom is that this is generally achieved by:

  1. Extensively filling up the GBP profile and keeping it up to date

Most information here is set and forget. The need to automate is relatively low unless you’re building a SaaS tool to manage many GBP profiles at once… which is a different and less frequent use case (SEO agencies).

It’d be helpful however to have a workflow to update Services and Product sections. There are indications that Products might become deprecated in the near future and that Services are here to stay. Services are just strings (keywords) under each Category the profile has set up. For example, a GBP whose primary category is “Carpenter” might want to add “Traditional Carpentry”, “Modern Carpentry” as well as “Remodeling” under the “Carpenter” category.

  1. Publishing Google Posts and media (image, video)

Post types include Update, Offer and Event.

I believe there’s a lot of value in scheduling and automating the publication of Google Posts to improve SEO.
SaaS tools like Local Brand Manager offer a way to do it: you can upload a CSV that include Google Post details such as its content, an image, a link (that the post’s CTA links to) and a publication datetime.

Documentation: Method: accounts.locations.localPosts.create  |  API Fiche d'établissement Google  |  Google for Developers

Here’s a very specific yet widely common SEO use case for n8n: upload hundreds of images to a server, get their URLs, generate a description for each image and a paragraph connecting the image’s content to the business and its services/products, schedule the creation of GBP posts (1 image + text + service/product URL = 1 post), for example 1 post per day. Let it run. Set & forget. You’d save at least 10 minutes per post or about 61 hours over the course of a year assuming a daily publishing schedule.

  1. Review generation and reply

Personally I find this is less of a priority because most of the SEO benefits comes from the user review itself, not from the business’ reply. Replying a simple “Thank you […]” will go a long way and doesn’t require much personalization.

To summarize, I strongly believe there will be more value for n8n users if we could use it to publish GBP posts as a priority. It will also affect a larger part of the n8n user base.
It’s also a good choice given the direction Google’s GBP team is taking. Recently, they began showing up images from Posts within the business photo stream. Posts and media (images, videos) are becoming more visible and prominent this way as Google fights against Tiktok whereas other GBP features are becoming deprecated. Time spent integrating support for GBP post and media publication is a good investment. n8n users who will use this node will improve their SEO or their clients’ SEO as well as their productivity.

Once the publication of GBP posts is integrated in n8n, it will become increasingly easy to add other integrations such as reviews (reading reviews and replying to review).


Do you create the graphics & video programmatically matthias?

I have a team member who manually creates them. Because the reviews vary in length, I’ve had a hard time automating the graphics and video creation.,

Thanks @matthiasallred I had not anticipated this issue. I’m considering creating dozens of video slideshows based on hundreds of pictures, then upload to YouTube and retrieve the video’s URL. I’ll have to account for variations in length and width.
Would you be so kind as to share which API or tool you used to automate video creation? Maybe Canva can do it.
Personally, I batch edit and apply basic modifications to images using XnView’s batch processing feature. It’s a software that needs installing on Windows and doesn’t provide an API but it can be convenient for small tasks.

this would be highly useful for Publishing Google Posts
the menus case would be to listen for posts on your main social media accounts such as Facebook and then repost the same thing onto Google MB.

Frankly GMB post is something that no one ever looks at but you have to do it for small business. It’s very clunky to use the native interface and there’s no way to schedule. The way around this is to schedule posts in Facebook and then they will automatically populate GMB also

The rest of GMB is set and forget so does not really need to be automated.

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I second that. Automating GBP posts would be very useful.

Such a node would be awesome!