Google OAuth2 credentials tutorial video is not enough?

I tried to auth my second google account to send a bunch of Gmail mails from my secondary Google account. And I failed to get trough the process.

Google started requiring to do the “Consent screen”, to choose type of my app (internal is not applicable, only external), adding app scopes, test users and so on. I haven’t completed it but I managed to create creds and enable Gmail library.

But in n8n when I try to sign in with Google, I just getting 403 error.

I remember half a year ago things were much easier. The video was enough. Has the process changed?

Hey @artildo,

I find the Google OAuth process always a bit difficult. From what the error message says in the screenshot, did you add the email address that you want to use as a test user? I recently created a new OAuth and wanted to authenticate my other Google account. Add that account as a test user worked out well for me.

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@harshil1712 Thank you, it finally worked. I don’t understand why my gmail account must invite itselft to be a test user, but ok. Definetely, it needs a new kind of tutorial, explaining this moment.