Google Service account credential stuck on testing


I am trying to add my Google Service account to n8n but it continually gets stuck on testing after clicking save. I have removed all the \n from the private key and have enables all the relevant apis on the Google console. I have my webhook_tunnel_url set in the environment as well. I even made a new private key to no avail.

Any Ideas?

Thank you!


It is odd for it to just spin, what version of n8n are you running and how is it deployed?

Hey its deployed on docker and is version 0.148.0

So it turns out that my entire docker container had lost outbound internet connectivity due to the fact that I had --iptables=false in my systemd override file for docker which was working fine until I updated n8n and docker didn’t like something and my iptables didn’t change to reflect this.

This has now been sorted!

Thank you!