Google sheet date output format is wrong

Hi Team,

Whenever we try to read all data from a google sheet we are receiving the wrong output of date. The original date in the google sheet is 2/9/2022 13:18:30 and the output in google Sheets n8n is 44578.72769675926. And there are columns also that has no data output received. Please see the screenshot link to know what I mean:

Thank you

Hi @daniel.o, this isn’t wrong, it’s simply how Google Sheets stores date values internally.

If this is not what you’re after, you probably want to set “Value Render Mode” to “Formatted Value” to read the data as a UI user would. Check the difference below:

Formatted Value:

Unformatted Value (default):

I already tried this unformatted value but still giving the output. Please the screenshot:

And why is it the task name column doesn’t catch all data from google sheet?

Appreciate your help. Thanks

Hi @daniel.o, try the Formatted Value setting instead.

Thanks Formatted Value is working for date column. But why is that there are no data inside task name column?

That I do not know. What’s in the respective cells in your sheet? Perhaps you can share a sheet and a workflow using which the problem can be reproduced?

Is there a limit with the number of string inside a column?