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Hello everyone,
I want to understand more on the Google Sheet Trigger, specifically On Row Added.
My assumption is when the trigger executed, it will return the appended row(s), but for me it returns all rows. My sheet has 6k rows of data, and it will be quite resource consuming if i need to check which one hasnt been processed on my crm then insert the new ones.
is there any config or settings to make sure On Row Added trigger is only sending back the newly added ones?

Hi @felix_richard :wave:

Are you by chance only listening for test events, or have you allowed the trigger to run by activating the workflow? In the test event, I get all rows, but after activating the workflow, I’m only getting rows that have been added.

From the first automatic execution:

And from the second, only showing the rows that have been updated:

Can you let me know if this is not the case for you? You haven’t mentioned what version of n8n you’re running, but my screenshots are from 1.9.3 :+1:

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