Google Sheet Update Row

Hello , I am tryng to sync seatable data to google sheet using n8n. For new records in seatable, i am able to create new rows in google sheet using “append”.

However, when there is changes to existing record, i am able to list out the affected record using “merge” node as following

and I would like to update the row in google sheet.

However, using sheet node " update" operation using " _id" , I get the follwing error.

Is this because , result produce from seatable node, position is in object ?

Do you need to change the ‘applied position’ field from array to a scalar? you can try ‘rename key’ to rename field[0] to field or use function item to handle corner cases


Thank you… removing the sub array does solve the problem… :grinning:




Can you mark the answer as the solution please?


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