Google sheets appended data twice in one trigger

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Using Stripe trigger to pass successful payment information to google sheets, everything works great when I execute the workflow manually. However when I active the workflow, data will appended twice in google sheets.

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    "id": "evt_1Ksvb6C7SDIUixqHLuDE69lF",
    "object": "event",
    "api_version": "2020-08-27",
    "created": 1651007219,
    "data": {
        "object": {
            "id": "in_1KsvasC7SDIUixqHLnsktqpw",
            "object": "invoice",
            "account_country": "HK",
            "account_name": "Facebook",
            "account_tax_ids": null,
            "amount_due": 8000,
            "amount_paid": 8000,
            "amount_remaining": 0,
            "application_fee_amount": null,
            "attempt_count": 1,
            "attempted": true,
            "auto_advance": false,
            "automatic_tax": {
                "enabled": false,
                "status": null
            "billing_reason": "manual",
            "charge": "ch_3Ksvb4C7SDIUixqH1ntdJ5uQ",
            "collection_method": "charge_automatically",
            "created": 1651007206,
            "currency": "hkd",
            "custom_fields": null,
            "customer": "cus_LZuWBzkEdlzyZq",
            "customer_address": null,
            "customer_email": "[email protected]",
            "customer_name": "Benny Ko",
            "customer_phone": null,
            "customer_shipping": null,
            "customer_tax_exempt": "none",
            "customer_tax_ids": [],
            "default_payment_method": null,
            "default_source": null,
            "default_tax_rates": [],
            "description": null,
            "discount": null,
            "discounts": [],
            "due_date": null,
            "ending_balance": 0,
            "footer": null,
            "hosted_invoice_url": "",
            "invoice_pdf": "",
            "last_finalization_error": null,
            "lines": {
                "object": "list",
                "data": [{
                    "id": "il_1KsvazC7SDIUixqHDFoTisw3",
                    "object": "line_item",
                    "amount": 8000,
                    "currency": "hkd",
                    "description": "80",
                    "discount_amounts": [],
                    "discountable": true,
                    "discounts": [],
                    "invoice_item": "ii_1KsvazC7SDIUixqHY1pghXoq",
                    "livemode": false,
                    "metadata": {},
                    "period": {
                        "end": 1651007213,
                        "start": 1651007213
                    "plan": null,
                    "price": {
                        "id": "price_1KsvazC7SDIUixqHTPdDWFfV",
                        "object": "price",
                        "active": false,
                        "billing_scheme": "per_unit",
                        "created": 1651007213,
                        "currency": "hkd",
                        "livemode": false,
                        "lookup_key": null,
                        "metadata": {},
                        "nickname": null,
                        "product": "prod_La5mojYnt2BpA4",
                        "recurring": null,
                        "tax_behavior": "unspecified",
                        "tiers_mode": null,
                        "transform_quantity": null,
                        "type": "one_time",
                        "unit_amount": 8000,
                        "unit_amount_decimal": "8000"
                    "proration": false,
                    "proration_details": {
                        "credited_items": null
                    "quantity": 1,
                    "subscription": null,
                    "tax_amounts": [],
                    "tax_rates": [],
                    "type": "invoiceitem"
                "has_more": false,
                "total_count": 1,
                "url": "/v1/invoices/in_1KsvasC7SDIUixqHLnsktqpw/lines"
            "livemode": false,
            "metadata": {},
            "next_payment_attempt": null,
            "number": "19F60EAB-0011",
            "on_behalf_of": null,
            "paid": true,
            "paid_out_of_band": false,
            "payment_intent": "pi_3Ksvb4C7SDIUixqH1G7kSP18",
            "payment_settings": {
                "payment_method_options": null,
                "payment_method_types": null
            "period_end": 1653557644,
            "period_start": 1650965644,
            "post_payment_credit_notes_amount": 0,
            "pre_payment_credit_notes_amount": 0,
            "quote": null,
            "receipt_number": null,
            "starting_balance": 0,
            "statement_descriptor": null,
            "status": "paid",
            "status_transitions": {
                "finalized_at": 1651007217,
                "marked_uncollectible_at": null,
                "paid_at": 1651007217,
                "voided_at": null
            "subscription": null,
            "subtotal": 8000,
            "tax": null,
            "test_clock": null,
            "total": 8000,
            "total_discount_amounts": [],
            "total_tax_amounts": [],
            "transfer_data": null,
            "webhooks_delivered_at": 1651007206
    "livemode": false,
    "pending_webhooks": 3,
    "request": {
        "id": "req_4ZIzyuynfZ1BLy",
        "idempotency_key": "25476fca-427d-4dcf-bd6a-4bcf8f28bd7f"
    "type": "invoice.payment_succeeded",
    "Date Unix": 1651007206,
    "Amount": 80,
    "Name": "Benny Ko",
    "Email": "[email protected]",
    "Currency": "hkd",
    "Transaction_ID": "pi_3Ksvb4C7SDIUixqH1G7kSP18",
    "Invoice_No": "19F60EAB-0011",
    "Invoice_Detail": "",
    "Description": "one_time"

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Hey @tobywong080, welcome to the community!

I am sorry to hear you’re having trouble here. Can you confirm to which events your Stripe Trigger node is listening?