Google Sheets: Insert a row after a specific one and how to choose a Sheet inside the spreadsheet

Is it possible not to append a new row at the very bottom, but to insert a row after, let’s say, 25th row? The rest of the table must shif down.

And second question. In the Node settings, we set only the Spreadsheet ID. The spreadsheet might contain multiple sheets. This means that we work with only first sheet, or we can choose a sheet to work with?

No, it is currently sadly not possible by default to append after the 25th row. There is only a kind of hacky way, like reading all the data in raw mode, appending the row manually there, and then setting that new data via “Update”.

About using a different sheet. It has the same style as within Google Sheets, you prepend the name separated with a !. So for example: My Sheet!A:B

i do this:


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Thank you, jan and RedPacketSec.

Just a note that would be awesome to have an ‘insert row’ function

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