Gravity Forms Community Node Not Showing "Poll Time" Parameter

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Yesterday, a user helpfully pointed out that the n8n version I was running was out of date, which was blocking our ability to push records into GoogleBigQuery. However, upon updating our version, the Gravity Forms Community Node is no longer giving an option for “Poll Times” and then erroring out because the parameter is not specified.

What is the error message (if any)?

When I try to error it out the node just locks into a spinning “fetching event” and stays like that until I cancel the whole workflow.

Screenshot 2023-06-20 at 10.57.39 AM

Screenshot 2023-06-20 at 10.57.08 AM

Share the output returned by the last node

There is no output generated in the updated version of n8n, but the older version generates data consistent with the Gravity Form.

Screenshot 2023-06-20 at 11.18.47 AM

Information on your n8n setup

We’re running on the most recent version of n8n
I believe everything is set to default
We run n8n on a locally hosted instance
Operating system: MAC OS

Hey @Pieter_Block,

Can you confirm the version of n8n you are running? This issue should have been fixed a while back with community nodes.

We are currently using version 0.231.3 on a Docker deployment

Hey @Pieter_Block,

For me it is working…

I did find that after installing the node it wasn’t there and to get it to display I had to restart my container, I would give that a bash and if that doesn’t work try using 0.233.0 which is the version I am currently running.

Good Morning,

Thanks Jon, I was able to restart the container and the Poll Times option reappeared, however I still am getting the error. Do you think downgrading is the only option here?


Hey @Pieter_Block,

Try removing the expression from the Mode field that should sort it out.

Same issue unfortunately-

That is unexpected, Sadly I don’t have a Gravity Forms account to test it. @BramKn does your node need updating buddy?

Hi @Pieter_Block & @Jon

haven’t heard of any issues with the node so far.

Did something change with the trigger node polling stuff? @Jon

@BramKn nothing that should cause a break, I know I had similar issues in my rss trigger node but that was fixed. Do you happen to have a gravity forms account still you can test with?


How was the rss trigger node fixed? anything you had to do? Or is a n8n update enough for that?
I do not have a gravity forms account to test.

The n8n update sorted it but I didn’t get this new error, I tried to check the node code but it wasn’t public looking at what npm provides maybe removing n8n-core as a dependency might solve it

for one of my clients on version: 0.228.2 it works fine.
So not sure if it is the node or something else. I am not gonna spend time on it as long as it is working for my clients though. :slight_smile:

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It might be worth deleting the node and adding it again to see if that helps.

Sorry I should close the loop here - we ended up just hitting their API instead of going through the node - will try that solution again with our next GravityForms request :slight_smile:

Thank you for all your help with this -

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HI there,

Seems to be something wrong with the Gravity forms and Knack trigger nodes I created.
The manual execution doesn’t seem to work with this exact error. Active workflow activations do work, so seems to be an issue with the manual start specifically.

Once installed try restarting the container, I have opened an internal issue about the polling based community nodes not working correctly again.

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Yeah so on instances which were running for a long time they stopped working when mannually starting the nodes/workflows.

So something is definitly broken. Could be that this is an old way of setting up the polling in the trigger node, as they are quite old nodes.

Nah they should be fine as we have not updated our internal polling trigger nodes for a while so I can’t see there being a change to that part. I think it is just how the community nodes are installed.

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