Gravity Forms

It would help if there was a node for:

Gravity Forms

My use case:

  • Retrieving entry data to combine multiple data sources. eg. when using nested forms, being able to easily retrieve the nested entries by the entry ID the GF webhook provides on the parent form’s entry
  • Updating entry data once a workflow has taken action (eg. mark it as processed)

I’m sure there’s plenty more! :slight_smile:

Any resources to support this?

Gravity Forms Rest API

Are you willing to work on this?

I can assist with testing and implementation (including hosting a staging site with the use of my GF license for testing/development), but don’t have the coding knowledge to work on the node itself


there’s already a community node by @BramKn

Check it out.


Oh my word, I swear I searched for it and it hadn’t come up. My bad! Thanks :slight_smile:


be aware that it only works with gf rest api V2.

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There was actually a. Bug fixed for this one yesterday. Hope it will be useful for you guys.
@Kool_Baudrillard I am nog really familiar with gf. What others versions are there? And do you know if there is much difference in the API?

Thanks @BramKn!

There’s v1 which requires signature auth (like AWS). v2 is plenty :slight_smile:

I just installed the package - it only gave me a trigger node, no regular node, is that consistent with the current version?

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Yes. There is only a trigger node in this.

ps. all credits go to @Nikky_Gibson as she allowed it to be public :wink:
Nikky, good thing we fixed that bug, as more people like this one. :slight_smile:

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Hi, @BramKn, the changed the API at the release of GF 2. Old API docs can be found here:

One could get around V1 by using there web hook add-on Webhooks - Gravity Forms as an alternative.

Ah its an older one, then I will not be adding this. :slight_smile:

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Makes sense,

and if you have the older one and subscribed use the web hook add-on. Setting up V1 can be a pain in the ***

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