GSheets: how to update the column cell in multiple "vlookuped" rows?

I guess the settings are:
Operation - Update
Data Mode - Map Each Column Below
Then I choose the key column and value

In Values to Send I choose the column and what to send. But this works only for the 1st found row, not for all of them. See the Update operation for Max Sendak. Only the 1st country was updated, not the 2nd one,

BTW, the Update node outputs empty data, which is useless. Would be nice to have at least some success message or other useful info,

Hi @artildo, I am not sure I understand your scenario here. That might be because VLOOKUP is giving me headaches, even without n8n though :wink:

Perhaps you can provide a workflow and Google Sheet using which your problem can be reproduced and confirm which result you’d like to see?

There’s no such a operation like VLOOKUP right now, as far as I know.
The problem is that Update operation works only with the 1st row matching. And it ignores rest of the matching rows.

Suppose you want to change all “Michael” names to Mike. The Update operation will change only the 1st Michael, leaving all other Michaels unaltered.

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