Guidance on Outputting Custom Messages to Node Output UI for Custom Nodes

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Looking for guidance on how to display custom error messages in the node Output section for custom nodes.

I think our chief node builder @marcus might be able to help with this question, let’s see what he says.

Perhaps you can also clarify how exactly you want to display your error @ryanflomenco?

I’ve found how to do this for errors with throw new Error. I’m still curious to know where typical HTTP Request errors are thrown and if it is possible and/or advisable to modify them with additional info.

As an addition to this question, I’m also wondering if similar to the throw error capabilities if there are some existing capabilities to display notifications in the UI like a throw message or something like that.


Hi @ryanflomenco,
we usually throw either NodeApiError or NodeOperationError to show error messages in the node output pane.

Here is an example of the ActiveCampaign node doing an api call and catching errors to throw a custom NodeApiError.

For all non api related internal errors you can throw a NodeOperationError like here.


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