Handling Multiple Sheets in Google Sheet

I want to add data to the 3rd Sheet inside Single Google Sheet

In my Case the Sheet Name is Premium

But when Copying Sheet ID from URL. The Data is only get inserted to the first sheet. But I want to add data into 3rd Sheet.

How can I do that?

You can do that by adding the Sheet name to the range. So assuming you have the range A:F you would change it to Premium!A:F.

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Wow. That’s easy.

Can’t find this in documentation. (If yes. Please add this bro. It might help others):heart::muscle:

It mentions that directly within n8n if you hover over the question mark next to “Range” but it does not seem to be additionally mentioned in the docs. We will make sure to also add it there. Thanks!


It is now added to the documentation. Thank you for the feedback :heart: