Handling timezones [GOT CREATED]

I’ve created a PR to allow the container to handle timezone configuration.

@jan, do you think you can add it to next version ?

Thanks a lot for that! But can you please give me some context about what that is needed for? The time-zone to use can be set in n8n and additionally overwritten in each workflow. Were there any problems with that?

It is useful in the context of the Execute Command node as I ran into the problem using date that returned an UTC date instead of my local Europe/Paris date for example.

Granted, it’s limited, but I think it might help some people using the Execute Command node to not have to handle DST changes for example and avoid some surprises.

Ah ok, yes! Then it makes sense. Thanks a lot for explaining!

Could you please change it to use the value of the environment variable GENERIC_TIMEZONE which n8n currently uses and to fall back to NY timezone if none is defined. Just that everything is identical. Because else it gets very fast very confusing.

The usage is also described here, in the docs:

Thanks a lot for making the adjustments and your work!

It got merged and the next version of n8n will be created with the new setup.

Have a great weekend!

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My pleasure :slight_smile:

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