Hasura & Kubernetes Likes n8n

Hi Guys,

I’ve created a quick PoC that uses the Actions feature of Hasura GraphQL Engine to call n8n webhooks. I’m pretty happy with it so far. My only concern is whether you could manage complex workflows with slight alterations between your customers/tenants (according to their business needs). I guess it must be easier than managing customer specific microservices, right?

Quick Demo: https://drive.google.com/file/d/12KFxr2MdUNVYRYri7hT8LjhtsTZTo88t/view

My n8n kubernetes manifest: https://gist.github.com/richteri/411468a89e4eb0b764975c83032a7c29

Hope it helps someone :wink:


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First welcome to the community @irichter! Great to have you here.

Thank you very much for creating and sharing this, is very cool and appreciated! I am sure it will be helpful for others.

About your concern with “alterations per customer”. What comes to mind would be the Execute Workflow-Node. You could simply add an optional parameter to your data called “workflowId”. And when it is set, simply execute the according workflow additionally via the Execute Workflow-Node. Like that, it should be very easy and simple to add additional functionality for users. Hope that makes sense.

Ah, one more thing. Not important, but the Function Item-Node in your workflow could be deleted as you can directly reference the message via expression in the Slack-Node.

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