Have a issue posting to discourse

I have a flow that produces 11 items but only one gets posted show all 11 in output but only one gets posted I believe it could be because the outputs are stacked now

Hi @0ne, I am sorry to hear you’re having trouble. Perhaps you can share a workflow using which your problem can be reproduced?

Thanks for your help this is the flow im having issues with

Hi @0ne, thanks so much for sharing your workflow. It seems your workflow uses the “Update” operation of the Discourse node. When passing on 11 items to the node, a single post would be updated 11 items, so you could only see the last update.

What happens when you use the “Create” operation instead? Does this result in 11 posts as expected?

Sorry for the delay I just tired to create option but same issue only shows one item like in update and if you go to my site askshenron.com only show one post not like consecutive posts in the edit history. but the output show it sends all 11

Does the Airtable update taking place before the Discourse node work as expected? If so, could you share the JSON output from the Airtable node?

yes it does this is the output but it isn’t all in one is separated as items individually

"Market Cap":
"Present Price":
"Present Value":
"Profit/Loss (%)":

This is a test post coming from the n8n Discourse node: Post 1

This is a test post coming from the n8n Discourse node: Post 2

So, the separate items would be somewhat expected seeing your workflow is split up multiple times rather than executed sequentially.

As long as all these 11 items from their own runs are all different, they shouldn’t cause trouble with the Discourse node though. I just gave the below simplified workflow a go and it created two separate posts as expected:

With the update operation things are slightly different. Discourse hides updates taking place within 5 minutes (I think) after a previous update/post creation. So, this is most likely why you’d only see the last item using your workflow.

If you want to be 100% sure n8n sends the correct data to Discourse, you could change the URL in your Discourse credentials temporarily and use a URL provided by a service like https://webhook.site/ which allows you to inspect the exact requests received.

that make sense thanks, is their a way for me to split the items the same way to send individual post