Hello! I've joined n8n as Community Manager 🎉

Hey! After lurking on this forum for a little over two years, I’ve taken over from Nikki and joined the n8n team as Community Manager. For the first couple of months, my focus will be on the upcoming 2023 review, improving the courses and reviving live community events like Office Hours. I also can’t resist fixing little things as I notice them, so you may see some small changes on the forum already :slight_smile:

A bit about me: I’ve been involved as community manager with Blender (and I now run the BlenderNation news site and Blender Artists forum on the side), Shapeways (3D printing) and I worked at Epic Games as Community Lead for Sketchfab, ArtStation, Quixel and their upcoming marketplace, Fab.

My own projects make heavy use of n8n for things like social media pipelines, assembling weekly overview posts and content management. I usually get bored with repetitive tasks and love automation!

Right now I’m still getting up to speed, but don’t hesitate to DM me if you need any help! (Click my avatar and select ‘Message’).

Talk soon!



Super excited to finally have you with us @bartv after being an amazing community member yourself for years. Welcome to the team! Looking forward seeing what you will be able to do to improve the experience for all n8n community members!


This is awesome! I remember chatting with you and learning about your n8n workflows. So great to see you join the team :sparkles:


Hey Harshil! Nice to hear from you again - I recall a couple of live streams with you that were great :slight_smile:

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I just finished both the Level 1 and Level 2 courses this week, and had a lot of fun with them! As someone who’s stuck to NodeRED for quite a while, n8n is like a breath of fresh air. n8n has been much more fun and productive to use, especially with the baked in integrations! Can’t wait to see the revitalized versions of the courses!


@bartv it’s fantastic to have you in our community!

N8N is a tool as essential as an email account, and I believe everyone will find it indispensable.

I’m eagerly looking forward to having enriching and insightful conversations here

Thanks for the warm welcome!