Help in reformatting json

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Dear n8n community

I’ve tried lists, javascript and even set to achieve this without success. Any help would be incredibly appreciated!

Here is an image describing the essence of what i am trying to achieve

Essentially it is to transform the “attributes” into a flat list rather than nested.

I feel like I’m probably making some rookie mistake here - but any help would be greatly appreciated!

Hi @pmg, welcome to the community :tada:

Such “value of object to key” transformations are a bit hard to achieve because the mapping here is custom, so right now there is no pre-built node for this.

However, if you are okay with using JavaScript, something like this should do the job:

This would return a single “attributes” array with key/item pairs such as "neutered": false:

Is this what you had in mind? :slight_smile:

Going forward it’d be great if you could paste your existing JSON data as text rather than take a screenshot. This will make it much easier for other users to reproduce the data structure (and help) without having to type it themselves.