Help me Change the code from executing before 15 minutes to bye executing after 15 minutes

I want to change it to run 15 minutes after Even has started.

You can then simply add a “Wait” node right after the calendar node.

I can’t do that if I use wait nodes.
It will work, but sometimes I don’t want that item to run after 15 minutes.
I mean the case Want to cancel between 15 minutes after even stared

Hey @Panupol_Sonnuam,

Could you provide a bit more detail? Normally using a schedule to start the workflow then a wait node to wait would do the job. What are you trying to cancel, Why can’t you use the wait node and what item don’t you want to run after 15 minutes?

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I want to Call all Evens within the last 15 minutes after Even starts.

from the picture
The first pass will be sent at 9:15 AM.
Second round at 9:45 AM
Round three at 10:15 AM

During that 15 minutes, there might be an Even Cancel, so Node wait cannot be used.

After the wait node runs you could check the event to see if it has been cancelled, Another option could be to run every minute and get all events due to start in the last 15 minutes then use an if node to check if the start time was over 15 minutes ago and perform your action.

I’ll Try Thank You.

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