Help me clean up a Google News RSS feed

I’d like to take a news feed from Google. eg Climate change - Latest - Google News

And clean it up so that the links go to the orignal news article, not Google.

Has anyone got a workflow that could help with that?

Hi @samuk, it seems the original link isn’t part of the feed itself. So you would have to visit each URL and take a look at the redirect.

For some services this can be automated easily, but it seems Google would expect user interactions to acknowledge some cookie consent before actually redirecting a user, making this rather tough. You could try using a headless browser such as GitHub - minhlucvan/n8n-nodes-browserless: n8n node to interact with browserless instance to automate this process but it’d be a rather cumbersome process and somewhat fragile.

So perhaps you want to consider an alternative approach not relying on Google? Possible approaches I could think of would be:

  1. Add credible RSS sources to a news reader that supports filtering for your search term. As long as the news reader comes with a suitable API this should work quite well with n8n (or any other tools really). I’ve suggested Miniflux for such jobs in the past, and am still using it today, so this might be worth a try for you as well. This is completely free if you self-host and you can also capture sources opting out from Google News.
  2. Use an alternative developer-friendly data source provided by a third party, like this one.
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