Help me, please. Is there integration with push notifications and in-app messages?

I need to integrate push notification and in-app messages, but I can’t find this

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I never worked with either of them. I would have expected that not matter what service you are working with to do that, they have an API which you can use with the HTTP Request node.

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Hey, in addition to Firebase suggested by @mcnaveen n8n also has built-in support for Pushbullet and Pushover which might be a bit simpler to set up (if you only need such messages for yourself for example).

A self-hosted solution offering push notifications would be, which can be used through the HTTP Request node as suggested by @jan.

Fwiw, I’ve used these all of the three services above at some point and they all worked well with n8n. There are probably more out there most likely also working fine :slight_smile:

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Addition to @MutedJam suggested you can use Gotify as well.

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There is now support for custom servers with the ntfy node :

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