Help! Node request

I can access the link through the browser, but when I put it to access the request, it won’t, can someone help me?


Hey @Ruan17,

I am not able to access that URL from my browser, Not sure if it is being blocked or maybe requires authentication but is it possible that there is an issue with the site?

I believe it has some kind of blocking… this site is Brazilian so it must be blocking access from other countries, that’s an assumption. Is there a way to circumvent this with the n8n?

Hey @Ruan17,

It depends on what type of blocking is being done, It could be region, user agents or something else. Maybe a proxy is a starting point, How are you currently running n8n? The information we ask for in the template is typically there as it is helpful to work out what options could be available.

i am running n8n on vps in the united states

I made the request with a personal pc with n8n installed on my machine and it gave the correct result

That will be it then, so you could look at setting up a vps in the same region or using a proxy / vpn.

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