HELP - Upload feature image to Post wordpress

Perfect so that looks like a different error, This time the error is with the number you are sending, Assuming it is just the one item at a time for the featured_media value you should be able to use something like {{ $('Upload IMAGE 1').first().id }}

I also have the problem, that my posts are not taking the correct ID. They always take the ID of the last picture, that is uploaded. How can i take the first one?


@ManyQuestions I suspect for you it could be in the data, Would it be easier if I just update the Wordpress node to include media uploads and setting a featured image?

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yes, update the wordpress node and include the “featured image” field. It will be very useful for us.

Thank you, I look forward to wordpress node update.

@Jon I’ve tried using the links with "Upload IMAGE “HTTP Request” and the system accepts it, but nothing appears.


this is what i do:



Hey @Edgard_Neto,

Looks like I missed out the .json part in the expression, Try {{ $('Upload IMAGE 1').first() }}.


does this ID appear inside the wordpress node?? where do you pull it from?


just drag and drop the ID field into that box


I know, but what location is this identity from? is the ID of the image that is inside the Wordpress node?? or is it some previous node.

when you upload an image into your wordpress library, each image gets given an ID. That is where that number comes from, you can type the ID number in manually if you wanted to.

Or upload an image in a previous node and capture the id in the output and link to that.


This is my previous node.

inside it has the image data, but notice that the id is: pexels-photo-16023863.jpeg

When the flow runs, inside the wordpress node no image data appears. She appears only in the media and in the article.

post the entire json output without anything sensitve showing.

also I’m setting the featured image at the same time I post I don’t use the Wordpress nodes, its all done via HTTP nodes


I understand, you do it differently, that must be why yours is correct.

Can you send me a print of your flow in private, so I can see how to do it?

of this end, of the nodes.

@Edgard_Neto the example below will download an image, upload it to Wordpress then set it as a featured image for post id 1. You will need to adapt this as needed for your flow to use the data items from previous nodes.


@Jon Ok, I’ll try it, I’ll come back to tell you if it worked.


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