Help using a weird Rest API

Hello everyone,

I hope this isn’t frowned upon as it’s not directly an n8n question but the vendor doesn’t have a community support forum and support takes ages to respond.
Besides this amazing community has helped me be before so I thought I’d shoot my shot.

I’m trying to use AnyDesk’s REST API via a HTTP Request node, unfortunately the authentication process is really convoluted :frowning:

Here’s the documentation: my.AnyDesk - Login
As a first test I was trying to build the authentication process described on page 4-5 in n8n but I only have limited programming / javascript knowledge.

Here’s what I came up with:

The Credential Data looks like this:
Name: Authorization
Value: AD MYLICENSEID:{{$json[“Timestamp”]}}:{{$json[“token”]}}

Unfortunately my requests are being rejected this way …

There is a python based example that I got working easily here: anydesk/rest-api: Python library for talking to the AnyDesk REST API. (

If all else fails I can use this with the execute command node

If you look at the documentation and don’t want to touch it with a ten foot pole: I don’t blame you :smiley:

Best regards

Hey @SupersonicWaffle, it seems the documentation link requires a login which I unfortunately do not have. Could you share the relevant pieces?

Also, what error exactly are you seeing? Does it possibly contain any hints on what might be wrong here?

Sorry about that,

here’s the two pages that cover the authentication example

Here’s the error from the HTTP Request node

"status": "rejected",
"reason": {
"name": "StatusCodeError",
"statusCode": 404,
"message": "404 - undefined",
"options": {
"timeout": 3600000,
"headers": {...}, // 2 keys
"method": "GET",
"uri": "",
"gzip": true,
"rejectUnauthorized": true,
"json": true,
"simple": true,
"resolveWithFullResponse": false,
"transform2xxOnly": false
"response": {
"statusCode": 404,
"headers": {...}, // 4 keys
"request": {...} // 3 keys

not really sure what to do with the 404, like I said, the python based example works and it’s calling the same url