Help with HTTP Request - Outputting multiple files, only seeing one


I’m having an issue with an HTTP Request node - I have code passing into the HTTP request which triggers it to run 3 times, which is what I want. The output is stating that it has 3 items, but when passing to the spreadsheet node, I am only seeing one.

Is there something I can do to be seeing all 3 items? It’s also worth noting, and I wonder if its causing issue, the HTTP request is grabbing an auto generated file from a server, each file is different, but the server outputs each one with the same name. So all 3 items sitting in the HTTP node may have identical names…

Thanks in advance :raised_hands:

Figured it out! Added this with split in batches.


Hi @madhatter349 - welcome to the community, and thanks for posting your solution! :tada:

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