Helper functions custom library

Hi all.
Is there a way to make a collection of ‘helper’ functions accessible ‘globally’?

Helper functions : any custom functions that i’ve written in a function node, and i use repeatedly. e.g. Array/Object manipulation in a certain way.
Globally : preferably throughout n8n (all workflows), or at least, throughout a workflow, once declared.

If the option/workaround is not there currently, do let me know to change this to a Feature request.

Another preference : solution shouldn’t require to write the helper function library, externally, and then include it, for example, in the n8n docker setup, before starting the instance every time. Being able to write the functions the way we currently do, in a function node, would be the best option.


No that is currently sadly not possible. The Function Node would also be the wrong place for that as it executes only when the node actually runs. Functionality like that would have to live outside of a node. Either on a real global level in n8n or within a workflow.

Changed it to a feature request.