Hit file size limit when I upload a file to Webhook. How to increase limit?

I uploaded a 1.3MB file to a webhook via http post. It failed. Files that are 300kB+ were ok.
Is there any way I can increase the limit?

Hey @Carl_v,

Few questions below for you that help with this one…

Do you get an error?
How do you have n8n setup is it with Docker, npm, cloud, desktop or something else?
Are you using a reverse proxy?
What version of n8n are you using?

I thought our default size was about 16MB so 1.3MB shouldn’t be an issue.

Yes, had an error: 413 Request Entity Too Large.
Used Desktop, Version 1.6.0 (1.6.0), didn’t use reverse proxy.

Ah desktop might be different as it uses a tunnel for testing. I will need to check internally what our limits are on that.

Just to confirm you are using a webhook trigger in n8n to receive data and not an http request node to send data right?