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can anyone explain to me how i set the Service Attributes correctly?
I want to trigger a notification, but i don’t know how to set multi-level keys for the service call.

As an example, in HomeAssistant i would write:

service: notify.mobile_app
  message: Some Text
  title: Some Title
    group: groupXY
    notification_icon: mdi:newspaper

I’m able to set the message and title, but i don’t know how to set the group or notification_icon.

Hi @axelcypher, welcome to the community!

I have not used Home Assistant with n8n yet, so I am not sure if n8n can handle nested attributes like the one in your YML I am afraid. Perhaps you can try a dot notation (data.group) in a first step, like this?

Thanks for the reply.
Unfortunally, I’ve already tried this. It doesn’t work :pensive:

Hi @axelcypher, I finally managed to at run Home Assistant locally and while the YAML syntax would give me an error for the data field, I wouldn’t get an error when sending a JSON object for this field like so:

Could you perhaps give this a go on your side?

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