Hosting File Problem

I am exploring how n8 works. Found a workflow wherein I am trying to read excel file and write to postgres database. First of all, I did not know where to host file therefore, I created “n8” folder within my ubuntu “home” directory but n8 is unable to locate it. Can you please guide where I should upload file?


Welcome to the community @gewgawrav

How did you run n8n? Did you use docker? npx?

If you did npx, I think you should add the file to the .n8n folder, which should be in the path /Users/youruser/.n8n. Then, in the Read Binary File, the File Path should be /Users/youruser/.n8n/nameoffiletoread.

From the docs:

User-specific data like the encryption key, SQLite database file, and the ID of the tunnel (if used) gets saved by default in the subfolder .n8n of the user who started n8n.