How and when HTTP Request node interface will change its interface in v1.0?

I spotted that HTTP request node will be reworked in the upcoming v 1.0:

The HTTPRequest node will use the new HttpRequest interface. If you build nodes, refer to HTTP request helpers for more information on migrating to the new interface.

I’m in my final stage of my extensive n8n application course. It will consist of tons of videos with tons of HTTP Requests. I’m very anxious learning about changes.

To what extent it will be changed? Will it make videos with current HTTP Request obsolete? It is very important to me. And if yes then when?

Hi @artildo - maybe @sirdavidoff or @maxT might have some more information on this one.

@EmeraldHerald Thanks. I’m bothered only with regular HTTP Request node interface. Not with anything related to node building.

Very cool about the course!

I’m pretty sure this is a programming interface. No plans to overhaul the user interface of the HTTP node.


@sirdavidoff First I’m going to launch it in my native Russian. If it goes well, I’ll translate it into English and present here.

It involves Google services, Notion, Telegram, GPT Text, Chat and Embeddings for search, Voice and Image recognition, online cashiers, email services and CRM systems,

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