How can I connect coingecko API to my webflow website so it can display crypto currency prices

I want to connect Coingecko API to my webflow website so I can display live prices of cryptocurrencies. What are the step by step guide I can follow to achieves this?

It’s a simple http request.

check the documentation for the different calls

you can add the filters / query parameters to the URL as shown below,


or you define them in the node as “Query Parameters”

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Oh, okay. By adding the query parameters in the “node” you mean using “workflow” in Webflow right?

I mean this part:

If you’re not very familiar with APIs, you can simply visit the link above to the Api documentation.

  1. Select the Query you’re interested in

  2. Click on “try it out”

  3. Edit the query fields as documented

  4. “Execute”

  5. Copy the “Request URL” to your HTTP Request node.

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Thanks a lot

I now understand how to make http request but I still don’t understand how I can connect the workflow in n8n to the workflow in webflow that will update a cms item.

That’s the part I don’t understand now

these are my n8n and webflow workflow