How can I fetch values from Response Header in case of error in API call

I am receiving an API rate limit error for a particular API call. In there API documentation they have mentioned that time to retry the API call in case Rate limit is passed in error response header. But in N8N I can only see the status and type of error in response.
How can I fetch the values from error header.

Did you try to set “Full Response” and “Ignore Response Code”?

No. I will set “Full response”. But after getting the response how should I use it as a expression in “Retry on fail” as it takes only constant value as input.

With that option set, it will never fail as it is ignoring the response codes 4xx or 4xx that would normally make it fail (that is what the “Ignore Response Code” option does).

So it would then be on you to retry by for example checking afterward with an IF Node and then looping back into the HTTP Request Node again.