How can I filter events in Google Calendar?

Have anyone an idea, how can I filter the events in google calendar? I have connected my google account with google calendar. The connector show me the events from my google calendar. This works.

But if I use the options in n8n, I can not filter events.
I would like to set a filter, so that I only see the events from the same day + the future events.

I use the n8n cloud version

Hey @SpeedyLink,

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What options are you using? It sounds crazy but if you set the Resource to Event and Operation to Get Many then do Return All. Add End Time as an option and set it to use an expression and input {{$now}} that should then give you what you are after.

Thank you. This works better :slight_smile:
Which code how can I use in expression? Is this jQuery?

Hey @SpeedyLink,

On End Time select Expression

Then click on the field and input {{$now}} which is an internal expression to match the current date and time, You should see this.

Once done the node should look something like this

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Hi Jon, thank you again :slight_smile:

I have another question of the code which you used.
What kind of code is this (program language code)?
Or have you anywhere a list of the code parameter, which I can use?

Hey @SpeedyLink,

The little expression I used is an internal n8n thing, But you can also use some Javascript in there as well.

You can find a few of them in the expression section of the docs here: Variables - n8n Documentation