How can i host my own webhook url?


I know my question is really general, but i was wondering if you guys could help me with some links or some documentation i could read. I need to learn how to host my own url to get some webhooks calls from diferents apps in the company i work for and i dont have any clue on how to start.

Thanks in advance!

Hey @Diego,

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This can be a bit tricky, Typically you would set the WEBHOOK_URL environment variable to whatever URL or IP you have been assigned. If you don’t have a URL you can use you will need to either have an internal DNS record created that points to the IP of your n8n instance or register a domain, Point the A record for that to the IP and if it needs to be accessed externally you will need to configure the firewall rules or reverse proxy if one is in use.

It is tricky to provide any documentation on how to do parts of that as it would all depend on what you have available but when it comes to company networks there are more things to consider like company policy, network teams, security teams and all that other good stuff.

A general place to start from an n8n view would probably be this page: Configuration methods - n8n Documentation

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Okay i see , Thanks a lot Jon! i’ll look for it and i’ll update this post maybe i could help someone else :slight_smile:

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