How can I make working hours on n8n?

Hello everyone, I want to ask

I want to create a flow for working hours.

Working hours will be adjusted to the current time.

I want to set the working hours every Monday-Friday at 9 am - 4 pm, Saturday-Sunday is a holiday and later I want to create a condition by checking the current time with predefined working hours.

How can i apply it on n8n?

Thank you very much for the solutions and answers you gave me

Hey @suparman_aguuus!

You can use the Clockify Trigger node with cron expressions to trigger the workflow everyday (Mon-Fri) at 9 AM and create a time entry.

To chekc the current time, you can create another workflow, which uses the Webhook node and triggers the workflow whenever you make the webhook call. Connect this node with the Clockify node to get the time entry you created in the previous workflow. This node will return the Start Time of the time entry. You can then use the Function node to to calculate the time and get the current time.

I hope this helps. :slightly_smiling_face:

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