How can i save the file created in 'Spreadsheet' node

How can i save to my local hardisk the file that ‘Spreadsheet-file’ node ?

The node ‘Write binary file’ as far i understood can create a file but on the Server running n8n.

I would like this file on my local hardisk.

Thanks a lot for any help


Hey @damienOp,

Depending on how you have n8n set up it may not be possible to write to your local disk. If n8n is on a server somewhere on the internet it probably won’t know where your local machine is but if you were running n8n in docker on your local machine you could set up a volume to save it to a local path.

A more common solution to this sort of issue would be to use something like NextCloud / Google Drive / Dropbox and save the file there and use the client application from the storage provider to sync it locally.

Ok @Jon , thanks a lot for your kind reply
it seems that i will have to find another solution as i have not installed n8n myself