How can I send value data even if Even is not found in Calendar?

How can I export data even if Even is not found in Calendar?

From the picture, 8 data were sent, but were cut off because Even could not be found.

I want to provide all 8 running data.

Hi @Panupol_Sonnuam, this is the expected behaviour - n8n nodes would only run for the items they receive. So if your Google Calendar node only outputs 3 items, subsequent nodes would only run three items.

In order to get back the 8 items coming from your Google Sheets node you could add a Merge node running in Merge by Key mode (assuming you have a field that’s identical in both your Google Sheet and your Google Calendar data). Connect your Google Sheets node to the Merge nodes’ Input 1 and your Google Calendar node to Input 2 of the merge node.

In the Merge node, specify the respective properties you want to Merge your data on. The output of the Merge node will then have all items from input 1 with the additional properties coming from input 2.

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Thank You!

Looks like you’re running the Merge node in Append mode now. That means you’ll have items from your Google Sheet plus items from your Calendar are passed on by the Merge node.

Make sure to check the available modes and pick the one you need, based on your initial description I would have thought it’s Merge By Key: