How can I swop BCrypt for BCryptjs


I really want to use n8n for the business I am at. We have many things to get automated etc. I got n8n up and running on my Mac in an instant. However the IT department has given me a server with Windows Server 2016. They are reluctant to allow me run Linux in their environment.

Anyway my issue is with the bcrypt dependency. It doesn’t want to compile / install on that windows server. I have read up and tried numerous fixes now. I tried all the troubleshooting fixes at this link with no luck: Troubleshooting | Docs

Is there not an easy way for me to get n8n to use the bcryptjs module instead of bcrypt. Both modules have the same interface mapping (api) so n8n should still work?

Sorry not an experienced node developer. So maybe this is trivial for a node developer or maybe it is not?

I saw one article mention creating an alias for bcrypt to bcryptjs but the article didn’t explain how to do this. Would that be one line of code but in which file?

Your assistance or info would be very much appreciated.

Welcome to the community!

Thanks a lot. I was not aware that it is an issue for windows users. I saw that bcryptjs is 30% slower but as it does not get executed for most users at all and for the ones it does it also happens only 1x it would not be a big issue. We will replace it.

Got replaced. Will be released with the next version.

Until it got released you can use the version 0.81.0 as the dependency got added with 0.82.0 and should so work fine for you.

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Excellent! Thank you much appreciated. Now I can spend some good time on automating all these workflows and not tinkering with the dependencies. Thank you. Looking forward to doing something awesome with your product.

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You are welcome! Have fun!

We just released [email protected] with the changed bycrypt library.