How can i use webhook with prestashop?

Hi, im new in n8n and i wish to learn how can i use webhook, because i need to catch information by URL. Once i catch the information i need to browse the value from prestashop and do the workflow I done.
My error is that i can’t receive nothing when i execute the node.
I see the videos that are post in youtube and read all documentation from webhook but i continue not understand the functionality from this.

Welcome to the community @victormiranda

Can you explain how you are testing the webhook? Are you running the project locally? What do you see under the tab webhooks urls in the webhook node?

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Thanks for your help, i solved my error.
The error was the path of the webhook, but i already know to use it.

@victormiranda glad that it worked. Let us know if something else.

I have other problem, i have a function in php that execute the url path from webhook and inicializate the workflow, but the problem is that the webhook only do the action with the first execution from this url.
In context, the function give the contacts from base and do a curl to the url path, but only execute the first contact.
Exists any option for do many times the workflow, not only for one execution.

Not sure If I understood correctly. is the workflow that contains the trigger active? because if you are executing the workflow in test mode, after the first execution the trigger is deactivated.

I configured webhook in production and it works, thanks for your help.

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