How do I logout?

Hey helpful people! :smile:!

I’m looking to see if I can build my own login flow for my n8n instance so I don’t have to use the basic auth flow mentioned here: Server Setup | Docs. However, there are a few challenges.

How would I display a logout button into the n8n UI when nothing can be embedded into the n8n instance unless I fork it?

If I fork it, I’m likely not going to be able to update as smoothly to future versions of this platform.

In addition, is there a logout button currently for n8n’s basic auth flow? It feels weird always being logged unless I clear my cookies.

Would love for someone to point me in the right direction for this!

Hi @Adrian-Samuel - just wanted to drop a line to say that we’re planning to break ground on a native user management feature this quarter. It’s a fairly complicated feature so can’t say exactly when it would be out; but is one of our key priorities for Q1. Still working on final spec but invariable user management would require proper login flows etc.

Naturally that doesn’t help your immediate ask above but mentioning it in-case existing basic auth is “good enough” for your usecase for a few months (can imagine it would be a bit frustrating to work on this for a while and then a month later see a shiny native feature deployed).


Hey Max!

I appreciate this response, as well as your team’s expertise and dedication to the project!

Understandably this is a large undertaking, so I would be able to read and review any spec if you saw it fit to share.

Thank you again for the tips again!



Thanks a lot Adrian! I’ve saved your profile page in a doc I have collecting users willing to be contacted when we spec out this functionality. Got one or two features that I’ve to design out before I break ground - but look forward to connecting later this quarter.

No worries @maxT, looking forward to being a part of this amazing journey! :slight_smile: Looking forward to seeing the gems you have in store for us!

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Hi @maxT,

We’re very interested in this feature also. Please feel free to include me also in that list.

Jean M

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