How does this module triggers?

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So I want to make a workflow that pulls information from the Lemlist API into a Google Sheets but I don’t understand how the module is supposed to trigger. When I try to activate the node and wait for new lines to append nothing happens. I see that there is a webhook I can use it to pass some data but I can’t connect lemlist to it. Is there something I am missing ?

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Hey @Dino_Lakisic,

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Looking at that node it is a webhook based trigger so Lemlist should be sending a notification when an email is opened although other than opening an email I am not sure if Lemlist requires another action.

When you activate the webhook do you see it in the Lemlist UI at all?

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Well there is no way to add a webhook in the first place :confused:

We should be adding the webhook as part of the workflow activation, I guess one thing to check is that the URL in the node is not showing as http://localhost

It is showing as localhost in the n8n interface but I just replace localhost by the ip when I need to use it

Hey @Dino_Lakisic,

That will be the issue, So we will probably be trying to register it with the IP displayed in the UI which Lemlist will never be able to reach.

Try setting the WEBHOOK_URL environment option to the IP or domain you are using and that should sort it out, I will update the Lemlist node to show an error if localhost is being used as well.

Hey @Jon ,

I finally managed to finalize the configuration of the server. Everything works fine ! Thank you for you time ! :slight_smile:

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