How find google scope


Since I update n8n to the last version, I can’t connect my google account 0auth. I always have this error when I try to add an account :

“Google Authorization Window throws error:
Error 400: invalid request
Missing required parameter: scope

Why now, I need put scope ? And how to find this scope please ? Isearch on the forum but don’t understand what is scope and why now we have to add it. So please how find this scope or who i’ the google platform ?

Hey @clovici67,

Which version of n8n are you running and which node are you trying to use? Each Google Node has different scopes that are required although that looks like something has been missed.

I use n8n version 0.225.2. I will use google sheet node and Gmail node. Before I was using an n8n version date on march, and I don’t have to put scope to connectgoogle acccount. So why now ? I don’t know who take the scope… please help

Hey @clovici67,

Are you using cloud or docker? The Google nodes have always used scopes so I am not sure why that version is showing an issue. Which credential page do you see, Are you able to share a screenshot of it with anything sensitive removed?

Hey. I solve the problem. I was abble to add google account for sheets only when I add it directly on the workflow. But when I try to add in the credential tab, Google ask me for scope… Don’t understand why

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