How I use Google calendar Trigger Cancelled Even?

I want to use info even cancelled.
I don’t know how to do

Can i do this ?

Hi @Panupol_Sonnuam, I don’t think you can unfortunately. From looking at Events  |  Google Calendar  |  Google Developers it seems the Google Calendar API only returns cancelled events

only on incremental sync (when syncToken or updatedMin are specified) or if the showDeleted flag is set to true

The trigger node does not have an option to set the showDeleted flag unfortunately. So for now I’ve converted your question into a feature request. This allows you and other users to vote on having this implemented.

I used this flow
it’s work now
but Thank You

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Hey guys,

I tried a similar thing but couldn’t get it to work. I’m looking for a way to ensure that if an event is deleted from one google calendar, then it is also deleted from another google calendar.

I’m using the eventUpdated node as the trigger, and created an If node to check if the status is ‘cancelled’. If true then we can proceed to delete the event.

Any thoughts on why this isn’t working? Or any workarounds?


Hi @tech, welcome to the community!

Unfortunately the n8n tigger node for Google Calendar doesn’t fetch cancelled events. So you could try to use @Panupol_Sonnuam’s solution above instead, where he’s instead using the “schedule” trigger and then fetches cancelled events using the regular Google Calendar node.

Hey @MutedJam thanks for the reply.

I tried to copy @Panupol_Sonnuam 's solution however the ‘Show deleted’ toggle doesn’t appear for me on the Google Calendar node. Any idea why that is?

{{$now.minus({minutes: 3}).toString()}}
is Check for Even deleted three minutes ago

Can you Check on this
It will be traced back three days.

Ah I just realised that ‘show deleted’ is an option that needs to be selected!

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