How process about the http request without response

i create simple workflow. there are 4 nodes in design:

  • (Node A)start
  • (Node B)http request to fetch git repos, and result with 10 items(each item is a repo)
  • (Node C)http request to create tag base master branch
  • (Node D)http request to delete all the release branch of special repo.

all the api used by Node B/C/D are provided by our services. however, there is an problem, the node C can loop 10 times as expect. but the api response nothing. so in node d, the items are empty although items seems to be have 10 elements.

I expect node D have same items with node C. how to design the workflow?

Hi @Shawn-Yang-AWX, n8n lets you connect multiple nodes to a single output of a previous node.

So if your node C doesn’t return anything and you just want node D to run with the very same items node C has received, you can simply connect both node C and node D to your node B from your example. This would look like so:

yes, thanks, it is an optional solution. however,

  1. after Node C and Node D, there maybe others nodes, if node C/D don’t return anything, there will be empty items, how to make the later nodes work on with 10 items?
  2. NodeD maybe depend on Node C, it should be start after Node C completed

so, any more suggestion?