How the workflow will work with a batch of tasks?

How to solve this problem more efficiently:
At the input (webhook) of the workflow there is a list of “sheet id” of several google sheets, and also there is a single id of the row that is contained in each of the google sheets.
It is required to make a request to each of these tables, find the values ​​of the required columns in them by row id, combine (the names of the columns are different) all these values ​​in one node for subsequent transmission via an http request to an external application.
I’m more interested not in how to configure nodes, but in how the workflow will work with a batch of tasks (requests to google sheets for different “sheet id”).
In theory, I need to iterate over all the related tables, extract the necessary columns from them (in the process, making the substitution of the column names), combine all the data in one node and send it to an external application.
As I understand it, “in a box” it does not work like this, but as follows: A list of data has been received (for example, table id), then entering the query node by id it does the required number of times (as many elements as there are in the input), respectively, going to To the http request node, I receive several requests to an external application in one workflow cycle, and I need to combine everything and only then send it to an external application.

I’ll add context to the task:
It is necessary to “accumulate” all related columns in one workflow cycle and only then send the request through the http request node to an external application.

ok, gave it a quick thought. I’m assuming the webhooks gets the data as

      sheet_id: 45677
      key_row: 2,
      columns: ["name", "lastname"]

The solution should be something similar to this.

Ricardo, thank you!
Tell me, is it possible to implement it on RenameKey and Merge nodes without function nodes?

You might be able to replace the Pick columns function and perhaps the Merge all executions function. I guess it’s gonna depend of the data.

Ok, I’ll try it and give feedback later.
Thanks again!

Ricardo, will you allow me to send you my workflow setup with all the data in a personal message?
I can’t seem to figure it out with column mapping and key replacement.

sure @Roket