How to add HTML notice or description in a node

Hi, I have some problem with notice in a node. Please, help me, anybody.

Hi @aigor9534, I had a quick browser through some of the existing credentials, but I couldn’t find any indicator about the displayName of a credential supporting HTML.

Perhaps you want to set the documentationUrl value instead? This could link to any site supporting all the formatting you need.

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Thank you.
I wanted HTML specifically. I’ll keep looking.
About the documentationUrl, I understand, thank you.
But about displayName, not really.
When I try to change the displayName, I get an error on further publishing to npmjs. I haven’t found the information yet.
Thank you.

I understood the essence of the problem.
Just need to read the error carefully )
I added the API name.
Thank you all.


Glad to hear you’ve figured it out, thanks so much for confirming!

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Unfortunately, this is not a solution to the topic question “How to add HTML notice or description in a node”

Well, that’s not a feature that seems to exist yet. So, you might want to raise a separate feature request for this.

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