How to add start node with a trigger node

Hi, I want to use n8n for a simple workflow in which it will start an MQTT publisher node via a REST API and then start listening to an MQTT Trigger once the REST API response is 200OK and send the Data to Airtable.

While executing the above workflow, the start node is not triggering, only the MQTT execute node is getting triggered, Any idea how Can I achieve the above-mentioned workflow.

Hi @yogeshmpandey

What is the start node actually doing? When you activate the workflow it wouldn’t run anyway so is it just for testing or are you calling that workflow from another workflow with the Call Workflow node?

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If there is a trigger in the workflow, n8n will start from there. It takes priority over the start node . You might need to start the publisher in another workflow and then active this workflow, so it starts to read data when the publisher is activated. I would suggest replying to the question @jon asked so that we can help you better.


Hi, Thanks for the reply.

I am new to n8n, so please pardon my ignorance.
I now understand that I can make it work by keeping 2 workflows in my setup
To answer @jon, I wanted to start the REST request from the start node. and then wanted MQTT to listen to the data published to MQTT.

Thanks again :smile:

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