How to archive Slack channel , by picking the name of channel from Jira issue key

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I want to archive slack channel , that has a name of Jira issue key. Currently we do not have direct API to pick the channel from slack based on their name.
The alternative solution is get the list of all channels from slack , get the relevant issue key from Jira .
The solution I am looking for
In the next step match the name and pick that particular channel details to archive .

Please help on the next step part

What is the error message (if any)?

I would like to know the solution to match name from Jira and get required channel details to archive.

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Hey @Siya,

Can you share what you currently have? If a channel is only open while an issue exists maybe a quick solution would be to use the example you found here: Archiving a Slack channel after 30 days (workflow) - #2 by Jon and maybe start with a Jira Trigger so if the issue is updated and the status is closed / fixed get the slack channel field then do a search to see if that channel exists in Slack and close it.

Hey @Siya,

It is hard to see what the workflow is doing as you have removed the node ids for some reason (now updated).

If the channel name is the same as the issue name you could get all channels then if the channel name matches the ID use that as the ID in the archive or maybe even a merge node to merge on the ID and Channel name.

Hi I removed it , because this space is public I am not sure if I am sharing some sensitive information of my firm :slight_smile: . Let me know what details can be masked before I share here.

You can share all of the data apart from usernames and passwords. If you really wanted to you could remove your instance id but other than that the data is meaningless.

So like you mentioned , in order to match with ID . Unfortunately Channel ID is not same as channel name , it goes something like β€˜CH6734317’, so we cannot use direct IF node.

Hey @Siya,

Quickest solution I found to delete a channel where the issue key matches is a channel is below.


Thank you !!

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