How to avoid login to webhook url in n8n

Hi Team,

I have configured my webhook url with separate domain name, i need to stop login to that url how can i achive that, can someone help me here

Thanks in advance

Hi @Vaithiyanathan_S, n8n shouldn’t require a login for the webhook endpoints, even if you have configured a user and password for your n8n instance. Is there a chance you’re getting a login request from your reverse proxy server? How exactly did you deploy n8n?

I have my n8n webohook deployed in separate container and it faces nlb

What’s nlb? When saying you’re using a separate container for your webhooks are you using n8n in queue mode and have configured a separate webhook processor as described here?

Have you also configured a load balancer routing traffic to your production webhook endpoints (but not the test ones) to the webhook processor rather than the main instance?

yes am using n8n queue mode, on my load balancer routing traffic my /webhook/* will points to an separate target that will accept the webhook.

Hey @Vaithiyanathan_S,

How do you have your webhook configured is it set to use authentication? Have you also made sure that your webhook workers are not configured to require authentication in their env options.

Yes i have not added authentication env in my webhook configuration

Hey @Vaithiyanathan_S,

What about for the webhook worker? There are only 2 things I can think of that would be causing the login. Then again I have assumed it is a basic auth prompt, What sort of login are you seeing?

This is my env for worker

Also for login mode am using smtp for staging and common mode for pord

Hey @Vaithiyanathan_S,

The 2 environments shouldn’t really matter that much, You shouldn’t be getting a basic auth prompt with those settings though. When you say you are using smtp though do you mean you are using the user management feature?

Can you share a screenshot of the settings for your webhook node? Have you tried connecting to the environment without going through the NLB as well just to make sure that connecting directly to the webhook worker is working as expected?

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